Building homes and communities in the San Diego area since 1987.  Designed to deliver long lasting value and quality.

Michael Galey, the founder of Galey Homes, Inc., has been active in the homebuilding industry since the early 70′s in Chicago. He has taken his experience in large scale projects of several hundred homes and applied it to smaller communities in the San Diego area. Matt Galey, now the fourth generation of home builders in a family that has been in construction since the 1950′s, is bringing fresh ideas to the company.

We have been developing residential subdivisions ranging in size from three to over fifty homes in the San Diego area since 1987. Rob Morgan, Project Manager, and Barbara Prunty-Eckland, Sales Consultant, have both been with us since 1996. Most of our subcontractors stay with us from one project to the next. We believe having this continuity results in well built homes and allows our buyers to have confidence that we will deliver what we promise.

Most of our projects are taken through the development process from the final map to the completed homes. We take an active role in the home design, site layout and selection of features to best take advantage of the natural features of the land and fit in with the neighborhood. This extra attention to detail is what we believe creates a lasting value to our communities.

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